Stop, Look, Be in Awe: The World’s Most Unique Buildings

BuildingsCurious about what some of the world’s most unique, incredible buildings are? Well, read on, and find out. 

The Crooked House

From the name alone, you’d already know that this is something different. Situated in Poland, the house is curved and asymmetrical — and looks like a drunk person’s painting — but it’s actually real. It is also said to be Poland’s most photographed building, as well.

The Torre Galatea Figueras

According to eTakeoff, LLC, a construction estimate software has probably been used to complete such an intricate building like the Torre Galatea Figueras. Located in Spain, the house is a surrealist masterpiece — looking like plush castle seats, complete with eggs on top, making you wonder if Humpty Dumpty is actually around. The house was actually owned by renowned artist Salvador Dali, and the museum inside was named after his wife, Torre Galatea.

The Piano House

Shaped like a giant, glass piano — together with a grand violin that serves as its entrance — the house is located in Anhui, China. A terrace is also found under the grand canopy of the piano — completing the look of this extremely musical house

Turning Torso

Named as such because it’s able to turn for a complete 90 degrees, the Turning Torso is an aluminum style building that’s also known as Sweden’s tallest residential tower. If you want to live somewhere entirely different, you might want to try this one.


Is it a submarine? An animal of some sorts? A squid? Well, no one really knows what this building is shaped like, but it’s known as a biomorphic building, which also stands as a contemporary art museum — truly standing out from the crowd.

The Basket Building

Officially the largest basket in the world, The Basket Building is literally shaped like a basket. It is seven stories tall, with 208 x 142 ft wide dimensions. It serves as the main office of Longaberger — a furniture company in Ohio.

The next time you need a dose of inspiration, visit or think about these buildings — and you’ll surely be left in awe.