The Beginner’s Guide to Denture Use

Woman checking her teeth

Do you feel self-conscious whenever you smile since you have missing teeth? Do you lose confidence to interact with others because you are worried that they might notice your damaged teeth?

Achieving the perfect smile requires having a complete set of teeth. Thus, dental expert Mahoney Family Dentistry recommends dentures for its Southbend patients to restore the appearance of natural teeth.

Statistics show that more than 600,000 Americans use dentures to improve pronunciation, promote better food consumption, and enhance aesthetic appearance.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are artificial appliances used to replace teeth. Individuals who want a quick, reversible means of tooth replacement primarily use these. Elderly patients with permanent tooth loss are also advised to wear dentures since these appliances are designed to replace multiple missing teeth.

Since adjacent structural anchors are not required for stabilization, dentures serve as first-line management for rows of missing teeth.

What are the Types of Dentures?

Several types of dentures are available based on the patient’s oral health and personal preferences. People use conventional dentures once tissue healing from tooth extraction has already ensued. Immediate dentures allow placement of replacement teeth on the same day of dental extraction.

Dentists may prescribe overdentures as support for natural teeth.

What Should I Do after Having Dentures?

Once your dentist provides your customized denture, it is important to clean this appliance regularly to preserve its condition. The use of mild cleansing solutions and immersion in a glass of cold water must be done before wearing your denture.

This prevents progressive discoloration and bacterial overgrowth that can result in periodontal infections. You must also take out the dentures at night to improve circulation in the oral cavity, which maintains optimal dental health.

The Bottom Line

A complete set of teeth can boost your self-esteem in your daily activities such as speaking, biting and chewing food, smiling and laughing. Thus, it is essential to recognize the early need for denture use to boost your self-esteem and confidence.