The Big Q: Is Raising a Family in Utah a Great Idea?

Raising a Family in UtahUtah is one of the most underrated states in the country. A lot of people who want to start a family and raise kids do not know just how great it is. However, the list of great reasons to move here goes on and on.

To help you understand why now is the best time for you to consider becoming a Utah resident, here are just three of the top reasons.

It’s no doubt family – especially children – friendly

One of the best qualities of many cities in the state is family-friendliness. There are neighborhoods for you to choose to live where your entire household can feel welcome, safe and secure, notes a specialist from

Based on factors such as the quality of public school education, cost of living, crime and safety, family amenities, residents, higher education, and diversity; the family-friendliness of Utah should already make you want to consider raising your children here.

High-livability ranking areas

Just to mention a few with high livability rates: Park City, Highland, Draper, Kaysville, Alpine, Holladay, Smithfield, Spanish Fork, and Farmington. Having livability scores of more than 80 means that these areas boast of exceptionally livable characteristics. In other words, you can expect high-quality education, great employment opportunities, some of the best mortgage rates in Utah, low crime rates, and top quality amenities.

Enjoyable activities all-year round

With Utah classified as a central location for quite the extensive variety of industries like information technology, government services, mining, and farming, you should no longer ask why the United States Census Bureau cites it as one of the country’s fastest growing states.

And with this title to uphold, Utah strives hard to deliver only the best services to its residents, many of which have something to do with enjoyable recreational activities. To start this list of the state’s pride is its five major national parks.

These are just some of the many other reasons why you should consider moving to and becoming a resident of Utah, like what so many other people in the country have already done.