The Family Doctor is at the Forefront for Primary Care in Communities

Family Physician

In any town or county, there is a need for continuing comprehensive healthcare for individuals and their family. This is a specialization covered by family doctors and covers biological, clinical, and behavioral sciences for patients of all ages, sexes, as well as every organ system and type of disease.
Putnam County Hospital recommends that individuals visit a family medical center in Putnam for their primary health concerns.

Neither an Internist nor a Pediatrician

The family doctor is not a general practitioner. At its core, a family medicine physician is like an internist and a pediatrician combined and cares for children and adults. It also has an added dimension of care, as practitioners develop a relationship with their patients. Family medicine is also more cost-effective in the long run, as it handles preventive care, care coordination for the chronically ill and continuous care. This is the core of primary care.

Whereas the pediatrician treats only children and the internist cares for adults, the family medicine doctor treats everyone regardless of the age. The coverage integrates the biological, behavioral, and clinical sciences in medicine. The practitioner is also cognizant of the patient’s environment, as well as psychological well-being.


The family physician’s work incorporates knowledge, skill, and process. The processing element centers on the patient-physician relationship, especially from the viewpoint of the family. It is this continuing relationship that differentiates the specialization from others.

The doctor pays special attention not just to the patient’s symptoms and disease, but also to their relationship with their family and the community. This leads to the continuation and development of the relationship between the doctor and the patient.

In the context of primary care, internists and family medicine practitioners are at the forefront of providing quality care to patients. As an additional advantage, family medicine doctors understand the patient within the concept of family and community. That said, they have an opportunity to reach out to the community and make a difference in the lives of people.