The Ideal Spots to Place Keywords for Better Results

Search Engine Marketing in UtahUsing keywords isn’t enough to boost your rank in search results pages, you need to place them in strategic locations within the content and other parts of the website. Knowing where these are gives you a competitive advantage and will make your site easier to find whenever a potential visitor makes a search query.

Not all places in your website are equal, some provide better results for on-page SEO, and here are some of them.

The Title

This is an HTML element that describes the topic of a page on your website. This has a direct impact, whether negative or positive, on the click through rate of your site and its ranking on a results page. To get the most of this, here are some of the things you can do:

  1. Keep the character count below 65 characters or approximately 600 pixels. This provides optimal results and allows a searcher to get a glimpse of what your page is about.
  2. An expert in search engine marketing in Utah cites that you must include a phrase or keywords to allow a searcher to verify if your site is relevant to their query. Position these on the first part of the title for optimal results.

Description Section

The description isn’t as important as the title nor has a direct impact on rankings, but it provides you with an opportunity to tell a searcher that your page is relevant to their query, explains an expert from Including keywords in this part of your website boosts your chances of a click through.

Content and Headings

Placing keywords on the heading and actual content not only boosts your search engine ranking, but also improve the relevancy of your page to whoever clicks on it after their query. Use the phrases naturally to avoid keyword stuffing and Google penalties.

Placing keywords on these places improves your website’s visibility and relevancy to searchers looking for information, or items or services they need.