The Role of Technology in Improving Public Safety

Law EnforcementSoftware developers and companies have made significant strides in the area of safety. While most people would associate software with other uses that are primarily concerned with convenience, entertainment, and education, there are functions exclusively developed for the government’s purpose of keeping people safe.

Public safety software like eFORCE Software is not just concerned with providing services to keep the public safe; it is also there to make sure the people who are delivering such services are as safe and protected as possible.

Here are some ways this modern software is helping law enforcement and first responders deliver protection, safety, and help to the public.

Integration with 911 emergency services

Using the right software, any county can deliver 911 emergency services. Dispatch is automatically connected with first responders who will waste no time in reaching the people in need of their assistance. Without modern software, it will take a more expensive infrastructure that takes a lot of time to set up.

Jail management

Software for jail management typically involves the handling of intake and booking of inmates. Scheduling and housing are also part of the functions of the software. Complete software includes releasing inmates, as well, for probation and supervision.

Records management

Unless you’re completely cut-off from the world, you probably already have an idea how important data is today in different industries. This includes safety management. Records management is a big part of this, as it makes different processes involved in safety easier to handle for law enforcement and other connected services.

There are many areas in public safety that are benefiting from the advancements in technology, particularly in the development of software and installation of relevant hardware, which mostly involves telephony, computers, and data servers. Counties should be aware of such developments and devote funding towards acquiring them for the benefit and protection of the public.