Top 3 Benefits of Building Cycle Shelters in Your Establishment

Bicycle shelter in a big Dutch cityToday, more and more establishments are building cycle shelters for their students, workers, and the general public. The reasons for this strategic move cannot be any less clear and compelling. Here are three common ones:


Kensington Systems Ltd agrees that you can never overemphasize the importance of safety in any institution or public space, and that trickles down to the assets that people own, one being their bicycles or motorcycles. If you have high-quality cycle shelters in your business, for example, you can attract more clients because they will know their bikes are safe. One key feature of a good bike rack is that it has locks, so users can secure their bikes.

Protection from harsh weather elements

A well-built and designed bike shelter makes for a good structure that can protect motorbikes and bicycles, and their owners, from the harmful effects of UV rays. These sheds likewise offer maximum protection from rain, hail and snow, which can cause a variety of health problems and reduce the service life of the bikes.

Their design adds beauty and value to the surrounding

A professionally designed bike shelter will serve as an aesthetic feature in your institution, business establishment or home. It will add value to your property as well. This factor makes investing in cycle shelters a good strategy for property owners.

And while you may choose a colour and design of your liking, it is best to seek advice from a licenced and experienced landscape architect and designer to determine which features will best match the needs of your home, business or institution.

More people are considering cycling as a good way to stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle. Building a cycle shelter could be beneficial for your business or property and the people who visit or rely on it. Simply put, it is a worthwhile investment.