Top Four Produce You’ll Get in Australia Year-Round

Apples in AustaraliaMost people in big cities like Sydney envy the simple and laidback life out in the country, and for good reason. There’s less noise, pollution, and the food seems better, too! But don’t worry, because while there may be little we can do about the noise and stress, there is a lot we can do about the food.

Just because you live in the city, it does not mean fresh produce can’t get to you. You can get fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables at farmers’ markets or supermarkets. By going to a supermarket that supports local growers, such as, you’ll get fresh, year-round supply of these top five crops.


Many varieties of apples are grown throughout all major states in Australia, which means that what you’re getting in supermarkets or corner stores are fresh and didn’t need to travel long distances.

Certain varieties of apples are sprayed with pesticides to ensure high yields, so before you take a bite, make sure to wash them thoroughly or soak it in vinegar for a few minutes.


Strawberries also grow abundantly and vibrantly throughout Australia. As the 28th largest strawberry producer in the world, you can expect unlimited supply at certain times of the year. Again, don’t forget to wash the fruits before eating or serving them.


What is a salad without a nice juicy head of lettuce? Lettuce, and its many varieties are one of those crops that you can always find in supermarkets and produce stands. They grow abundantly in all sorts of conditions. You can even grow them indoors. But do wash your greens twice before tossing your salad.


To make sure your tomatoes are pesticide-free, go for local or heirloom varieties. These variants grow lusciously plump and are well-adapted to Australian climate, which removes the need to spray them with pesticides. As much as possible, avoid cherry tomatoes, as they are susceptible to pests and diseases.

Our families deserve only the best and the freshest. Thanks to local farmers and suppliers, fresh produce find their way to our plates. It just takes a little bit of caution and awareness to enjoy the freshest fruits and vegetables the farm has to offer.