Trends That Will Continue Shaping Digital Marketing

Laptop beside a coffee in a cup

The year is still young. As such, it is not yet too late to draft your business’s New Year resolutions if you have not already done so.

2018 is a promising year, and if you want to get the most out of your online marketing franchise, you need to understand the trends that will continue affecting marketing and related strategies.

More Chat Bots

Chatbots stemmed from technological curiosity, but are now central in most user interaction interfaces. The idea is for these chatbots to interact better with clients and potential customers than human customer service agents.

This has further helped minimise response time from business websites. Chatbots will be in more use in email marketing campaigns for better performance.

Artificial Intelligence Content Creation

Content will always be king in marketing. Marketers will have to use AI in creating content that is relevant and dynamic. The content creation tools will keep focusing on the creation of content using keywords and user requirements.

The Increase of Visual Search

The human brain processes images faster than words; thus, the need for visual messages could not get better in this age. Search engines will incorporate more visual technology to give quicker and reliable results.

Using ephemeral content offers more visibility and user engagement compared with the usual social media feeds.

Visual Search

Typically, the average human being can speak over 130 words per minute but can only type about 30 words per minute. Voice search helps process information faster. This technology has been on the rise, and further growth will mean that content should be well-written and contain long keywords.

It might take time to get used to these changes, but if you have to stay at the top of the game (which you do), you might as well adapt to them as they come. Since these changes will be here to stay, it is for your good to create strategies to embrace them.