Types of Construction Diggers

Construction Excavator

Diggers consist of features that provide the machine with digging power, provide carriage, and aid mobility of the device. Most diggers come with a boom, hydraulic cylinders, a bucket, and an undercarriage stick or arm.

From civil engineering to road construction and mining, diggers are applicable in any field that requires equipment that is more superior to spades and hoes. However, different types of diggers are suitable for use in different kinds of projects. With that in mind, if you want to buy diggers, there are options that you may consider.


This comes with a chain wheel system, which operates on two endless chain tracks. Crawlers are recommended for hilly and steep areas where there are high chances of sliding. They are also suitable for use in areas that have weak soil since they put minimal pressure on the ground through spreading of the load weight over a large surface area.

Backhoe Digger

This type features a loader bucket on the front side of the vehicle and a digging hoe at the rear side. This makes the machine suitable for performing two operations simultaneously: digging and lifting the deposits. A majority of people prefer these diggers due to their small size and versatility.

Wheeled Digger

The function of a wheeled digger is almost comparable to that of a crawling excavator. However, wheeled excavators are suitable for ground construction projects where the ground has been paved. Even though it has a higher speed than a crawler, a wheeled digger is not recommended for use on hilly or steep slopes or areas that have weak soil since it has a soft grip on the ground.

Diggers are essential construction equipment applied to various day-to-day constructions sites. Due to their high purchasing cost, most people prefer hiring them for quick excavation, making it a viable business opportunity. When purchasing, go for genuine and reputable dealers to eliminate spare part problems and to ensure that you get a durable machine.