Types of Corrugated Boxes That Can Be Assembled by Case Erector Machines

Erector Machine

Automating various aspects of your production is the best way to save on production costs and time. One of the things that costs so much and takes substantial time and manpower is the assembly of cartons for product packaging. Thankfully, there is now a machine that can automate this crucial process.

A carton erector machine can assemble cartons in approximately six seconds while it takes an employee an average of thirty seconds to do the same. One of the crucial factors that will determine the machine you buy is your carton types. Here are the common types of packaging cartons.

Full Overlap Cartons

The outer flaps of these cartons overlap its entire width making the box particularly resistant to rough handling. All flaps in full overlap cartons have similar depths. Full overlap cartons are the ideal choice for bulky materials and those at risk of mishandling.

Half-Slotted Cartons

These cartons, unlike regular slotted ones with four flaps, only have one set of flaps. The opposite open side of half slotted cartons is meant for easy sliding of your items into the boxes. They also allow for easy visualisation of the products inside the carton without opening by including a transparent side on the open side. Half-slotted cartons are ideal for packaging bulky items since they can be easily slid into the box.

Snap-Lock Bottom Cartons

These cartons have regular slots at the top for normal closing but die cut flaps at their bottom. They allow for quick set up times on your case erector machines, unlike other carton types. Snap-lock bottom cartons are however only suitable for lightweight products.

Now that you know the cartons you can use for your product packaging, you are in a better position to choose the best machine for your production. A case erector will not only cut your production costs but also ensure you get consistently shaped cases. This will contribute a lot in making a good impression on your clients.