User Interaction and SEO: Using the Former to Improve the Latter

SEOPopular sites have one thing in common: they all provide excellent user experience. No matter how much you build backlinks or create content, these efforts wouldn’t amount to much if your website is too cluttered or hard to use. For this reason, you need to create a design that fosters great user experience so you can boost user interaction.

Even better, great user interaction can actually boost your SEO. So, how do you harness this for your site? and other SEO experts in Minneapolis share a few hacks they know:

Write Good Metadata

Google has made it clear years back that metadata aren’t part of what they use to rank sites. This, however, doesn’t mean that it is irrelevant. Remember that the title tags and short descriptions are what the searchers see when they look up a keyword. So, if you write good metadata and they see that you have the information they need, chances are they’d click on the link.

Add numbers, come up with a good call-to-action, and see how much this improves your campaign.

Mind Your Language

The way you phrase things can make a massive difference in how readers see your site. A dull, monotonous tone wouldn’t hold anybody’s attention. A good choice would be to use emotive language and to lead the readers in. Structure every paragraph in a way that the reader gets to learn more about what you offer at a pace where they feel comfortable and engaged.

Reuse Ad Copy

Your effective paid search campaigns can improve user interaction, too. Repurpose the content you have made into blog posts and other types of content for full effect.

Sell Yourself

Here’s a common question: what makes your brand stand out? Now that you have an answer to it, use these unique selling propositions to your advantage. If you offer same-day delivery, emphasize on that – the same way you would if you have a massive sale that’s about to end. Find what stands out to your customers and focus their attention there.

With these simple tricks, for sure you campaign would do better.