Video Game Icons Given Tribute at Gaming Conventions

Video GamesIf you’ve been to a gaming convention, chances are you’ve seen cosplayers dress up as video game characters. shares that even with hundreds of games released every year and the new characters introduced each time, there are just some who people never get tired of bringing to life. Here are some of the old – and new – iconic video game characters that you see walking around at conventions.

Master Chief – Halo

If you’re a Rooster Teeth or Achievement Hunter fan, then you’ll know who this character is. When Microsoft was looking for a protagonist of their own, as Nintendo had Mario and Sony had lots to choose from, the only video game franchise they had back in 2001 was Halo and so Master Chief became their unofficial mascot. Though you don’t get to see his face, he exudes a badass personality by being a fearless leader.

Link – The Legend of Zelda

Even though his name isn’t part of the title, Link is the second most popular character in Nintendo, next to Mario. He has saved the princess and the world multiple times.

Solid Snake – Metal Gear Solid

Hideo Kojima’s action-filled Metal Gear Solid franchise boasts of Solid Snake, a mercenary, special ops soldier and spy. He goes by many names, ‘Iroquis Pliskin’, ‘Legendary Mercenary’, ‘Old Snake’ and of course, ’The Man Who Makes the Impossible Possible’

Mario – Super Mario Bros.

Who could forget the famous Italian-American plumber from NYC? Mario, as well as the rest of the characters from the franchise, has become the most recognisable character in all of the video gaming world. He has been Nintendo’s mascot since the ’80s and done everything from going through pipes in search for coins to battling it out on clouds to push everyone out of the way.

Interested in cosplaying as one of them? Why not! As long as you’re ready to spend a lot of time and money planning, buying or creating your costume, you can easily bring your favourite video game characters to life.