VLC Media Player Keeps Improving – How is it Useful?


vlcVLC media player started off as a student project several years ago and is now popular among the most tech-savvy. Its basic features are pretty good and helpful for first time users. It has the ability to play a diverse variety of audio and video files, including damaged files, YouTube videos, online radio,and many more.

The advancement of VLC media player over the past few years is easy to appreciate when you look at its main features. There are major differences between versions of this platform. There are new plug-ins and extensions such as Media Context, VLSub, and many more, which simply change the way VLC media player is useful to users.

Here’s a list of the things that can help you decide whether to download free VLC media player online.


VLSub is one of the new features that makes VLC media player even better. This new extension is useful for people who like to watch foreign movies in their original language. With just a few clicks on the mouse, people can now use subtitles for reference when spoken language on the movie is too hard to understand. But, this new feature doesn’t work with VLC 2.1.0 version due to some technical reasons.

2.  Online Audio AD Blocker

It’s unpleasant when your online radio show is interrupted by a commercial selling products and services. This extension allows you to listen to your online radio in a more comfortable environment than your browser.

3. Song Teacher

For karaoke lovers, using this new feature simply offers great enjoyment. You can now enjoy your karaoke session with your family and friends and at the same time learn the lyrics of your favorite songs.

If you see these new features interesting, then it’s about time to download the latest version of VLC media player online.