All You Wanted To Know About EAM Open Source Software

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computer softwareOpen source programs have licensing for free distribution, alteration, and code modification for improvement. Today, it is possible to access various open source software through the internet. Of these, enterprise asset management or EAM open source software is the most popular. As the name implies, you can use EAM to deal with various company assets. The assets can either be a stand alone product or an ERP solution. Also called computerised maintenance management information system (CIMMS) or computerised maintenance management system (CMMS), EAM helps you plan, monitor and control assets through all stages.

Do you need EAM?

First things first; you need to understand the definition of an asset in order to answer this question. Any valuable item that is capable of generating benefits for a company qualifies as an asset. This implies that know-how facts and people qualify as assets of a company. Yet, EAM is only for the managing of tangible assets like machinery, vehicles, buildings and others. The growing market for enterprise asset management software can sometimes include industries like media and information technology. Nevertheless, it is essential to know the importance and value of the assets that you plan to supervise using EAM.

How does EAM function?

EAM open source software is responsible for maintenance management, preventive maintenance, managing the work order, calibration management, inventory management, asset purchasing, inspections, risk management and other relevant actions. Some vendors provide human resource and financial functionality as well. The market for such is diverse and you can even integrate EAM with other types of business software.

The software is a tool for capturing information that is updated continuously by best practices in asset management. It helps you through the better management of automated information and easy access to required data. For instance, it makes sense to divert unused assets from one department to another where there is a great need for them. EAM lets you identify such opportunities and bring about greater efficiency and savings. EAM offers several tools that are feature rich and highly customisable. They can be designed to fit precise requirements for various manufacturing segments.