Ways to Boost the Performance of Your WooCommerce Store

a man using a laptop

Are you using WooCommerce as an online business platform? If so, you might want to make improvements to reach your company objectives. Doing so allows you to maximize your resources and profits.

Viral Solutions, home to top WooCommerce developers from Wisconsin, suggest the following ways you can improve your online business using this platform.

1. Use enhanced e commerce tracking.

When you turn this feature on, it provides in-depth data about the behavior of your customers. Once enabled, you get detailed information about purchasing and checkout patterns as well as the your sales performance and product lists.

The numbers it displays allows you to determine which aspects of your site need attention and make further improvements.

2. Get a content delivery network (CDN).

A slow website might turn a potential customer off. The distance between the server you’re using and the visitor’s click may either slow down or hasten the load speed of a page. You need to shorten the gap to move a visitor further down the sales funnel.

A CDN solves this problem; this, stores cached copies of a website in various data centers. This redirects a visitor to a nearby copy, shortening the load speed in the process.

3. Monitor focus keywords.

Tracking the performance of focus keywords allow you to determine their effectiveness and ways you could improve them. With this data, you will be able determine which of your search terms generate organic traffic directed to your sites.

4. Concentrate on key performance indicators (KPIs).

Always keep an eye on KPIs; these provide you with insights as to what makes your site successful in the first place. Some of the information to track includes average order value, conversion rate, shopping cart abandonment rate and cost per acquisition.

The details you get from those allows you to make adjustments that improve the overall performance of your ecommerce website.

These are some of the improvements you could make to boost website performance. Implement these to get the results you want and gain a competitive advantage over the competition.