Ways to Make the Bathroom Safe for Seniors

person's feet on anti-slip mat

The bathroom can be a dangerous place for seniors, especially those who have issues with balance and mobility. However, you can do these things to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Mind Common Hazards

Seniors are more susceptible to injury inside the bathroom because of slippery floors and low toilet seats. Make sure that there are non-slip mats on the floor to reduce the risk of falling while they’re using the bathroom. Consider using raised toilet seats as well to make it convenient for seniors to lower themselves onto the chair.

Install Safety Features

Have some slip-resistant grab bars installed in areas where they’re easily within reach. Seniors need the extra support when they’re moving around the bathroom. Manufacturers like Heavenly Walk In Tubs have bathtubs for the elderly. These can help seniors use the bathroom comfortably.

Consider the Proper Placement of Items

Toiletries have to be within easy reach. Shampoo and soap dispensers can be attached to the wall, and towels can be hung near the shower head. Make sure that the elderly won’t have to bend, stretch, or walk a couple of steps to get the items they need when using the bathroom.

Ensure Adequate Lighting

Seniors are prone to impaired vision, so it’s imperative that you provide proper lighting for them, especially during nighttime. The path from their bedroom to the bathroom should have appropriate lighting installed to prevent injury.

Injuries within the bathroom can be fatal for seniors. Fortunately, you can take preventive measures so that your loved ones won’t have to be some of the people who’ve suffered this kind of injury.