What are the High-Paying Blue-Collar Jobs?

Carpenter measuring wood

Are you looking for a job? If so, you have many options in various industries that have a demand for blue-collar work. Some of these are quite high paying if you find the right employer.

If you’re looking for general labor jobs with decent salaries, the following might be for you:

Electrical and Electronic Repair

Various companies and industries may need your skills and experience. This blue-collar job can land a salary up to more than $70,000 a year. Depending on the project or industry, you’ll have to make inspections, run tests, make repairs, and do maintenance work in train stations, power plants, or other similar workplaces.


This type of job involves materials like cinderblocks, tiles, bricks, and concrete for building and maintenance work for furnaces, walls, houses, and buildings. It requires a lot of manual labor and maybe even long hours. However, for those who like variety, is in shape, and knows math, this might be for you. You’ll need a high school diploma and finish an apprenticeship to get higher pay.

Power Plant Operation

This job requires more skill, experience, and expertise. Once you meet the requirements and put the work in, you might make more than $70,000 annually. A background in operating machinery is a must if you want to distinguish yourself from everyone else. The job description includes controlling, repairing, and maintaining and using machines that generate power and plant equipment.


Carpenters can find work in different states because of their skill and expertise in building and making. If you’re good with your hands and have a craftsman’s mindset, this might be for you. You’ll build homes and furniture. Finish an apprenticeship or a vocational course to get better offers.

These are only some of the better paying blue-collar jobs to consider when you enter the job market. Get experience, learn new skills, and acquire the necessary diplomas or courses to secure a long-term offer and higher salary.