What to Look for in a Loan Officer

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Have you tried working with a loan officer or a mortgage loan originator? How was their work? Maybe you had a mix of good ones and not-so-good ones. Perhaps you were lucky to have one with a natural instinct to succeed.

A loan officer’s job of recommending individuals and business loan applications for approval and participating in the mortgage origination process is tough work, indeed. But there are traits of a loan officer that is worth paying for.

If you wish to work with loan officers in Cookeville, Tennessee, look at five important traits below.

They are driven

Pure determination and a balanced self-image are important characteristics of a loan officer in the mortgage industry. They fuel the drive that keeps them getting to the goal they want, of getting your application approved.

They measure everything

Without the skill to measure the whole origination process, a loan officer will not able to improve on his work. From producing leads and credit report pulls, making appointments and pre-approvals, to applications and closings, he must know exactly how he faltered and how he triumphed.

They abide by a game plan

Every day, week, or month, a loan officer follows a ritual of how many and how much he needs to achieve his goals. A structured plan is at work. The number of applications, appraisals, and closings to he needs to accomplish is clear.

They are disciplined

Loan officers, guided by their game plan, must operate within the bounds of that game plan. They should not keep on making adjustments. They do not work or try all products just to get an application approved. If they want to specialize, they will stick to that.

A loan officer who is as interested as you are is the right match, technically. That means he follows you. He knows you. He knows what you want. There are many loan options, and he would make suggestions, warn you with some choices, and enlighten you with how things work.