What Types Of Fruits & Vegetables Are Best Grown In Greenhouses?

tomatoes grown in greenhouse

When planning to raise fruits and vegetables in a greenhouse, it’s best to stick with the ones that are easy to maintain such as leafy greens and those that belong to the salad variety.

Greenhouse manufacturers like Conservatory Craftsmen can help you select the best structure for raising plants, particularly those that grow on vines. With the right system, having a greenhouse can be a good source of income especially if you live in an area where demand is quite strong.

Vegetable Selection

Spinach is one of the most common types of leafy vegetables for a greenhouse since maintenance is easy for first-timers. On the other hand, those who want to grow cucumbers should take note of shrink-wrapping them to retain their freshness after harvest. Gardeners may also consider coriander, but this one requires special attention on water and aeration.

When it comes to fruits, the common types that are grown in a greenhouse included citrus, grapes and berries. Lemons, melons and oranges can adapt in chilly weather, so these are good options if you live in a state with a cold climate.

Healthy Eating Habits

Most households plan to build a greenhouse for recreational purposes until they realize the potential of earning money from it. For instance, fruit growers have the best chance of selling their produce in Buffalo, N.Y., where 38.9% of people eat at least two servings of fruits per day.

Vegetable growers in San Francisco can sell their produce more efficiently than other cities, as 27.5% of residents eat at least three servings daily. The 2018 American Fitness Index listed the two cities among the healthiest metro areas in the country due to their eating habits.


Whether you plan to build a greenhouse for leisure or to have a source of income, it’s better to consult with an expert manufacturer. This will ensure that your greenhouse has the most suitable environment for growing fruits and vegetables.