When do you Need Wood Restoration? Here are 4 Signs

Wood flooringIn as much as you want things around your home to last forever, it won’t. Eventually, repairs and replacements would be needed. The good news, however, is when it comes to your wooden flooring; almost all can be salvaged by a skilled worker.

There are companies like Gate Hardwood Floors in Orange County, CA that offer you wooden floor restoration services. But when do you call them for help? Here are some signs to look out for.

  1. Scratches

It is nearly impossible to have a flooring with no scratches or any sort. Sometimes, it can be covered with a rug or carpet, but other times it can’t. When you wooden flooring has scratches that have become eyesores, ones that are not superficial and cannot be removed by simple home remedies, then it is time to consider refinishing your wooden floors.

  1. Discoloration

It is natural for wooden flooring to fade, but when it turns black or gray, it is a major sign that it needs restoration. Discoloration happens when your floor’s polyurethane wears off. This means it absorbs water from pet paws, simple cleaning methods or spills faster than before.

  1. Sagging boards

Walk into an old house, and you would hear creaks from time to time. This is a sign that their wood flooring is starting to wear down. Hardwood floorings are made up of multiple split boards to form a solid bond. Creaks and squeaks mean that the boards underneath are becoming loose and is becoming more dangerous to step in.

  1. Presence of organisms

Simple sanding can solve minor mold and mildew problems. But when these organisms infested a huge percentage of your wooden flooring, professional restoration is needed.

Wooden floors can last you a couple of decades if properly maintained. Do not hesitate to call for professional help at the first signs of damage.