Why a Funeral Plan is Something You Should Consider

funeral service setting

No one likes to think of dying, but there are many reasons everyone should consider having a funeral plan. It is natural to avoid the topic of death, but if plans are not made earlier, the surviving members of the family will not know what their loved one’s wishes were. Find out why it is important to consider a funeral plan.

Get the Final Say

Only one in every 100 people without a funeral plan accurately convey their wishes regarding their funeral to their family. Only one in 25 people inform the funeral director what they would like, and some do not even inform their loved ones whether they wish to be buried or cremated.

People with special requests or instructions should make sure everyone is aware of what they want. Funeral plan providers can give them the opportunity to make decisions in advance and inform their family members.

Do Not Get Left Behind

The average cost of a funeral is now £4,078. Despite the huge price increases in the last decade, some wages have not increased, and austerity cuts have forced many families into poverty. Some people do not have savings and could not afford to cover the cost of a funeral.

The government’s funeral expenses grant for the unemployed, disabled or those with a low income has remained at £700 for the last 15 years despite the cost of funerals rising by almost £3,000 since then. Having a pre-paid funeral plan will mean the policy holder will not get left in the morgue.

Embrace Values

Funeral plans have eco-friendly options for people concerned about the environment. Those who want to reduce their carbon footprint may choose to have a cardboard coffin, burial without embalming and a tree memorial.

No one knows when death will come but planning earlier means people can get the funeral they want at a price they can afford.