Why are People Seeking Adult Orthodontics in Weybridge?

Woman with braces

Contrary to popular belief, it is never too late for people to take advantage of orthodontics. Braces can help correct crooked teeth and provide the pride and confidence that comes with a beautifully aligned smile.

Leaving misaligned teeth untreated can cause many problems – tooth loss and jawbone degeneration are just a few of them. This is where adult orthodontics in Weybridge come to the rescue. Many patients with teeth-straightening problems avoid visiting the orthodontist, falsely thinking that they are too old for treatment. Truth is, not only can they take advantage of standard orthodontics but they can also explore all the discreet options offered by Weybridge Orthodontics – including Incognito and Invisalign.

Why is leaving misaligned teeth untreated a bad idea

Untreated misaligned teeth can cause many problems – from tooth decay and gum disease, to the abnormal wear and tear of teeth as well as difficulty in chewing properly. Alone or combined all these problems can decrease the quality of life of an individual significantly, causing more oral health problems in the long run. Advances in orthodontics in Weybridge have made treatment more comfortable and personalised than ever, allowing patients of all ages to enjoy a beautiful smile without sacrificing their looks.

Benefits of adult orthodontics in Weybridge

While getting braces as an adult will definitely improve the appearance of an individual, this should not be the only motivation for doing so. Discreet braces such as Incognito and Invisalign are not visible when someone smiles, therefore they can help patients feel more confident in the own skin, especially when they speak, eat or interact in various social situations. On the other hand, getting braces can improve a person’s ability to brush and floss properly, therefore improving their oral hygiene as well as help prevent conditions such as TMJ or bruxism, which are caused by irregularly placed jaws and tend to become worse with age.

An orthodontist knows better

People who are overwhelmed by the choice of discreet orthodontics available, can seek the treatment of an experienced orthodontist. They will help them make the best decision possible based on their individual needs.