Winter Jacket Purchase Guide

wearing a winter jacket

Winter jackets are one of the most important purchases that you would need to think about. Buy a cheap and low-quality one, and you would surely freeze to death. The good ones might be well beyond your budget. However, finding the right one without busting your bank account is possible, if you know what to look for in a winter jacket.

Descente is home to quality winter jackets, but every product is different, and it pays to know exactly what to look for in your purchase. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Guide in purchasing winter jackets

1. Fill material

Winter jackets can provide the warmth that you need despite the freezing weather because of its filling that creates a barrier between you and outside temperature. There are two common types of fill namely down and synthetic. Down is still considered to be the most widely used fill. It is made of the skin of fowls. Sometimes, it is mixed with typical feathers to reduce cost. Synthetic material, or polyester, can help achieve the same degree of warmth, although for a lower cost.

2. Outer shell

The role of the outer shell is to keep wind and moisture away from the body. While it does not help keep you warm, it helps protect the insulation found inside the jacket itself.

3. Features

There are different types of winter jacket depending on how you intend to use it. Hoods, detachable hoods, zippers (a lot of few), are just some of the features you can take a look at when choosing a winter jacket.

4. Fit and style

Do not forget to try it on and see whether or not it suits your taste. Despite looking all wrapped up, it is possible to look fabulous in your winter wear. Plus, the right fit plays a huge role in keeping you warm.

Going for winter jacket shopping soon? Keep these things in mind and make your search a lot easier.