Your Site’s Tone of Voice and How it Affects Users

ContentContent marketing is an important strategy in any search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. This is why your digital copy or content should have a tone of voice that speaks well of your brand. Apart from using the right keywords, you also need to evaluate your content’s tone to evoke and convey a sense of trust. Being trustworthy is essential in users’ decisions, whether to get involved with a company or not.

Funny or Formal

A humorous tone of voice may promote a sense of friendliness, making your site engaging and exciting. The truth is, however, it is not appropriate for all types of businesses. Users have a clear expectation of what a web copy from a specific industry should sound like. For finance industries like insurance, for instance, being too casual and friendly may affect the site’s credibility and trustworthiness.

Connecticut SEO firms note that for many industries, a playful tone can make an organization stand out. In some situations, however, being too chummy and a little irreverent can run the risk of compromising the user’s perception of credibility and professionalism.

For many finance companies, it is advisable to be serious with a goal of reassuring the users that their money or transaction is safe.

Being Conversational

One important thing to keep in mind with being serious is that you don’t have to strictly formal or emotionless. You can be both serious and friendly, which means being straight to the point yet approachable. Being a little conversational can take away the sense of boredom and intimidation. Keep it balanced; you don’t want to come too strong, but don’t want to be dull either.

If you want to be conversational, you can also include humor in your copy. A humorous tone in your copy, however, should not hinder you from informing users what they need to know. It can make you stand out from others, but it can also be risky. SEO experts note that when what you find funny is otherwise for your users, you may annoy or push them away.

When choosing the right tone, think about the emotional need of your users. If you run a clinic or hospital, for instance, it is best to be serious yet respectful and enthusiastic. Focus on reassuring patients that you prioritize their health and well-being. Evaluate the ideal tone of voice, which will depend on your target audience, brand, and message.